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Products and services combined for your business.
 Our tailored storage solutions are designed to help enterprises overcome the most pressing storage challenges facing their businesses.  As a VAR (Value Added Reseller) UDI has provided solutions to our customers for the past 23 years.  We pride ourselves on the design and architecture of solutions that enable our customers to accelerate their critical applications, workflows/processes, while reducing their capital and operating expenditures.

Archive & Compliance

Data in the Right Place at the Right Time

Companies need to keep long-term copies of their data for a variety of reasons, including to aid in disaster recovery and compliance archiving to meet government regulations. A good archiving strategy can reduce costs of data storage and help your company adapt to the expansion of data growth. You can apply common archiving services such as retention, distribution, and security across a variety of content types, while automating data movement to the most appropriate tier of storage. The result is secure archived data at the lowest total cost.

Backup & Recovery

Protect Your Data

Backup and recovery is one of the most important components of data protection. Unique Digital can architect solutions  that can help you strengthen your data protection, streamline backup and recovery, and meet a wide range of service levels, even for the largest data volumes. Actively reduce the amount of data to be backed up while optimizing your environment with a full range of platform and software based solutions.

Business Continuity

High Availability and Strong Data Protection

Unique Digital’s business continuity solutions ensure that your applications and data are available during an event of system failure or regional disaster. Our enterprise business continuity solutions provide tiered storage platforms, software, and services that ensure high availability and strong data protection—and that will fit your budgetary and technology constraints. We strive to help keep your business up and running seamlessly during any disaster or unplanned event.



Improve Backups and Storage Efficency

Data deduplication dramatically reduces the amount of storage space needed to retain and protect data; it is the method used to eliminate redundant data. Deduplication is becoming the next evolutionary step in backup technology, allowing customers to retain larger amounts of data on disk for faster backup and recovery operations. Although deduplicated data requires less space, the use of indexing allows for a full recall of all originally stored content.

Deduplication can dramatically increase storage efficiency and reduce the cost of keeping backup data on disk. Backup data can then be efficiently replicated and retrieved over existing networks for a streamlined disaster recovery and consolidation.


Choosing the Right Technology

Before you can decide if Storage Area Networks (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS) is the right technology choice for your organization, it's helpful to compare the two of them.  With SAN or Block Based storage the typical connectivity is either via FC (Fibre Channel) or IP (ISCSI) protocol.  With traditional NAS solutions the connectivity method is via IP and utilizes either CIFS (windows) or NFS (unix) protocol to have shared access to the data.

From the Desktop to the Datacenter

Virtualization is transforming today’s data centers into a flexible, highly utilized set of virtual resources. It dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. An automated datacenter lets you respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before.
Energy (Oil & Gas)

Increase Performance

In the oil and gas industry, you face a number of IT challenges. Challenges such as, supporting future growth and capacity requirements of your business; meeting numerous regulatory and compliance regulations; and improving service levels for immediate uptime and availability. Unique Digital can help you overcome these challenges with an information infrastructure that will ensure that your data is secure, protected, available and recoverable.

Financial Services

Secure and Accurate Data

The financial industry faces increasing pressure to comply with a wide range of regulations while keeping customer data accurate, secure, and accessible. Our solutions allow you to drive down your costs, improve business efficencies, and address your regulatory requirements. Unique Digital brings your organization to the market-leading expertise that you need to sharpen your competitive edge.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Better Care through Better Storage

Unique Digital works with customers and partners to develop innovative solutions that enable healthcare organizations to access information, integrate processes, and transform how they collaborate. Data-intensive image archiving, administration systems and computer-based patient records have exponentially increased data storage and recovery needs in the healthcare industry. We build solutions to simplify medical data management  to help our healthcare customers improve patient care while also addressing explosive data growth and strict regulatory requirements.

Public Sector

Protecting the Public

State and local government agencies rely on our public sector solutions to manage explosive data growth by simplifying the complexities of data management. We offer a complete array of storage and data management solutions that give you the ability to consolidate and share information across systems and organizational boundaries while providing fast access to that information.  Unique Digital can help keep expansion costs down in the face of explosive data growth, avoid storage management staffing costs and maximize IT revenue potential.


Our Mission

UDI delivers solutions tailored specifically to individual client requirements in a manner that consistently exceeds expectations. Our elite team of professionals is dedicated to finding the most effective and cost-efficient solutions. More...

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