Overland Storage offers a complete line of intelligent data protection solutions for general purpose storage as well as backup and recovery. With a tiered storage strategy, data is categorized based on its value, then the most appropriate, cost-effective storage solutions are implemented — helping reduce overall storage costs and ensuring that recovery time and recovery point objectives are met.

Overland NEO/ARCvault

Overland Storage sets the standards for automated tape backup with our full range of tape libraries and autoloaders. The NEO SERIES® delivers field-tested solutions, flexible configurations, and features such as redundant robotics, tape drives, power supplies, controller cards and interfaces so that no single failure can disable the entire library. ARCvault®, Overland's new family of tape automation solutions, makes low-cost tape backup and archive a reality for businesses of all sizes.



Overland REO

Exponential data growth, shrinking backup windows, fast data restores, and new government regulations make data protection a challenge for any storage manager. The REO SERIES® Disk Backup and Recovery Appliances solve these challenges by providing fast, reliable data backup and recovery.

Overland Ultamus RAID

The Overland ULTAMUS™ RAID nearline data protection appliances deliver enterprise-class features, built-in data protection, and simplified capacity management. ULTAMUS™ RAID storage arrays are a new breed of storage solutions that provide the advanced features, performance and flexibility to make IT department’s as efficient and dynamic as the businesses they support.




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