Energy (Oil & Gas)

Increase Performance

In the oil and gas industry, you face a number of IT challenges. Challenges such as, supporting future growth and capacity requirements of your business; meeting numerous regulatory and compliance regulations; and improving service levels for immediate uptime and availability. Unique Digital can help you overcome these challenges with an information infrastructure that will ensure that your data is secure, protected, available and recoverable.

Key Benefits:
  • Seismic Processing - Reduce complex seismic processing cycle times and increase job throughput.

  • Storage and Data Operations - Protect and manage the rapidly expanding data, from upstream exploration to downstream marketing/sales.

  • Content Management - Capture, manage, and share all upstream and downstream content in a secure repository to support all business processes.

  • Collaborative Decision Making - Accelerate decision-making by facilitating collaboration between workers in exploration and production, process safety, operations, and other functional areas



Our Mission

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