Archive & Compliance

Data in the Right Place at the Right Time

Companies need to keep long-term copies of their data for a variety of reasons, including to aid in disaster recovery and compliance archiving to meet government regulations. A good archiving strategy can reduce costs of data storage and help your company adapt to the expansion of data growth. You can apply common archiving services such as retention, distribution, and security across a variety of content types, while automating data movement to the most appropriate tier of storage. The result is secure archived data at the lowest total cost.

Key Benefits:

  • Unchanged Data Archiving - Speed backup and recovery processes by archiving unchanged data.
  • Automation - Save time and money and enable rapid information retrieval with automated archiving processes.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Preserve important documents, e-mails, and other critical data according to internal rules and external regulations.
  • Storage Efficiency - Reclaim storage capacity by migrating infrequently accessed data from primary systems to more cost-effective archival storage.




Our Mission

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