Business Continuity

High Availability and Strong Data Protection

Unique Digital’s business continuity solutions ensure that your applications and data are available during an event of system failure or regional disaster. Our enterprise business continuity solutions provide tiered storage platforms, software, and services that ensure high availability and strong data protection—and that will fit your budgetary and technology constraints. We strive to help keep your business up and running seamlessly during any disaster or unplanned event.


Key Benefits:

  • Appropriate Protection - Match protection levels to the business value of your data, so each class of information gets the protection it merits.
  • Reduced Risk - Meet the most stringent information protection requirements of regulatory agencies and business owners.
  • Business Resilience - Protect your business processes against disasters, system failure, and data corruption with an infrastructure that meets demanding recovery objectives.
  • Improved Up-time and Availability - Implement a comprehensive strategy to ensure continuity of e-mail, transaction processing, and web-based applications.



Our Mission

UDI delivers solutions tailored specifically to individual client requirements in a manner that consistently exceeds expectations. Our elite team of professionals is dedicated to finding the most effective and cost-efficient solutions. More...